test of file name transliteration and of og data height and width being pulled in for XLARGE type derivative image.

note that a bug means that the path is not being pulled in of the derivative. At the moment it is pulling in the dimensions from derivative and file source from original.

have filed a bug report and hopefully can get it to pull derivative path.


This is Spey Bay. This coastline is all new to me but I like it here. Sailors rarely mention the east coast, and in the various round Britain accounts I have read it receives quite cursory treatment, but here at least it is stunning. The Moray Firth always sounded a rather grim place to me – ugly like the eel that shares its name. How wrong I’d been.

The river that gives Speyside its name is small and picturesque. In the final curves before the sea ducks and waders go about their... Read more